Rehabilitation of Troubled Pets

Many pets have suffered prior trauma in their lives, or may have a lack of socialization, which causes them to have negative reactions in new environments.  They may have been rescued or had a bad experience.The grooming salon can be a frightening place for a pet with "issues" and this can make them lash out in uncharacteristic ways. 
With so many years of experience, Jennifer has seen all types of pets, including those that are not happy with the grooming process. Being aware of what might trigger behaviors, or exherbate them, is integral in getting the groom done in a postive manner. Dogs crave a consistent, positive, and confident leader and prefer to live up to fair expecations if they are provided for them.
Jennifer grooms many animals that have had violent negative reactions to grooming in the past, and eventually they come to accept and be happier while being groomed. This is accomplished in some of these ways:
  • The same groomer, every time.- Consistency is key.
  • Grooming process is done in the same order, every time.
  • Not paying attention to negative behaviors. When we don't react to biting, it often loses its value to the dog
  • Praising only positive behaviors, no matter how small
  • Speaking in calm low tones
  • Not having triggers, such as other animals or kennels around
  • Using sound muffling aids to ease behaviors related to drying
  • Grooming on a REGULAR basis- mats and tangles do not help a struggling pet.
  • Using grooming aids such as slings and cross ties to keep pets stable and safe
  • Grooming troubled pets at the same time as their happier housemates
  • Kind, calm, loving and FAIR handling
If you or I feel your pet is very fearful, shy, overwhelmed or aggressive for grooming, we will suggest a rehabilitation program for your pet. This usually includes monthly grooming, a specific trim style to fit your pets needs, and some training tips to work on between grooms. Eventually, most pets will come to accept the grooming process. Some pets take a few grooms, and for others it can take a year to turn around.  Jennifer has rehabilitated many pets that were untouchable by most groomers and now do not even need a muzzle. Time, consistency, and fairness is all most dogs need.
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