With Paws At Your Door Mobile Grooming, the salon comes to you! Our Van is top of the line, with the most modern and safe equipment available in dog grooming today. Everything is designed for the comfort of your pet and his groomer. Great equipment means faster, more positive grooming experiences for your pet.
Our Van is:
  • Fully self contained- no plugging into your house for water or electricity.  It is a full grooming salon right inside the van- no grooming is performed inside your home.
  • Powered by "green" rechargable inverter batteries- the van recharges while it drives!
  • Carries its own water and wastewater tanks- fully heated for a warm bath for your pet
  • Heated in winter, airconditioned in summer
  • Includes a tub, table and vaccum as well as towels, shampoos and other grooming equipment!
  • We use a special harness system as well as "the groomer's helper" system to control your pet on the table. An investment well worth having, it keeps your pet in place gently, while never choking or putting pressure on his windpipe. There is also a sling system which helps older or disabled dogs to gently stay standing. This system also enables me to safely groom your "problem child" without being bit and without having to muzzle him.  This restraint calms them, and helps them stop fighting becuase it is not choking them. There is a safety release for accidental falls as well. 
  • We ask that your pet be vaccinated, but we also disinfect the van before every client, using non-caustic cleaners.
Our Service area includes the cities of Northfield, Elko, New Market, Lakeville, Webster, Dundas, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, and Rosemount. 

Hydromassage baths for all pets!